Cascade Regional Blood Services is dedicated to supporting local high school and college students pursuing higher education through the CRBS Give Back Scholarship Program. This program aims to:

  • Educate and increase awareness of the need to Give Back through life-long blood donation and volunteer service.
  • Celebrate and promote community involvement.
  • Share the importance of helping others through blood donation.
  • Help students obtain transferable skills in areas such as leadership, marketing, and the health care industry.

The program awards scholarships ranging from $500 – $2,000 to students in partnering* high schools and colleges. Submitted applications will be reviewed by a committee created by CRBS made up of individuals in the medical, marketing, business, and community relations fields.

2020 Scholarship Winners

We are pleased to announce the winners of the 2020 CRBS Give Back Scholarship. Each winner demonstrated outstanding scholastic achievements and community service. The personal statements and letters of recommendation were truly inspiring.

Austyn graduated from White River High School with a 3.85 GPA and spent 125 hours volunteering for various groups. He has been organizing blood drives with Cascade Regional Blood Services for the past four years, and states he ‘learned a lot about the importance of blood donating, to the point where I now donate every 56 days (it’s on my calendar!)’ He even created a real-time Google Docs system to streamline donor flow, track volunteer’s shifts, and keep the administration informed of the student donor’s whereabouts. He states ‘I am proud to say that I have created a system that is sustainable for years to come. During my high school career, I have found a passion for donating and organizing blood drives. I have high hopes that one day I will be on the donor wall for my own life-saving blood donations.’ With Austyn’s leadership skills and compassion, we know he will excel at Western Oregon University as he studies American Sign Language / English Interpreting.

Benjamin completed his senior year at Curtis High School with a 3.98 GPA and 248 community service hours. He was inspired to donate blood and take the lead on hosting a blood drive at his high school due to his volunteer work at Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital in Tacoma. ‘Every week I have the privilege of donating my time to help the kids recovering there to adapt to their stressful environment with one of my favorite hobbies: video games’, states Benjamin. Connecting with patients through games they enjoy not only gives them some solid competition it allows provides them a safe environment to talk about their challenges and ‘brings a little light into a dark time in a child’s life’. Being at Mary Bridge instilled in Benjamin a greater desire to help others, especially those in great need, which will serve him well as he attends the University of Washington this autumn to pursue a degree in Biology and ultimately attend medical school.

We are honored to be a part of these students’ dreams and goals and wish them the best as they embark on their educational journey.

Congratulations graduates! We are so proud of you!

How to Apply

Austyn Young

Benjamin Tilton

  • Complete the Cascade Regional Blood Services Scholarship Program Application Form; link below.
  • Write an essay of 500 words or less on your community service and/or involvement with a blood drive. Include word count.
  • Submit community service experience of 20+ hours; clearly documented and signed off by appropriate supervisor/leadership.
  • Prepare a resume including three references. In addition, letters of recommendation are accepted, but are not required.
  • Digital photo and Model Release Form will be requested (but not required) of the scholarship recipients.


  • Submissions must adhere to the Give Back philosophy.
  • Each entry will be evaluated on quality, creativity, content, accuracy, and persuasiveness.
  • One entry per student; entries may not be shared.


  • Minimum GPA 3.0 (Unofficial Transcript Required)
  • Complete and document 20+ hours of community service during the present school year; approved by supervisor / leadership.
  • Your school must host at least one blood drive with Cascade Regional Blood Services during the school year in which the scholarship recipients are chosen.
  • The scholarship will be available to any student regardless of whether he or she donates blood.
  • The student must attend an institution of higher learning in the year following award of the scholarship; this will include community colleges technical colleges, and four year universities.
  • One entry per student.

For the 2023-2024 School Year: Application packet must be postmarked by March 25, 2024. Submit to:

Marketing Department
Cascade Regional Blood Services
P.O. Box 2113
Tacoma, WA 98401-2113

Please direct scholarship questions to:

No application fee. Award winners will be notified by April 29, 2024

partnering with high schools and colleges to support higher education

Sponsor a Blood Drive

Hosting a blood drive with Cascade Regional Blood Services is a partnership. A CRBS Consultant will work with you every step of the way to help make your drive a success.


Work with Leaders Within your School
  • Get support from school administrators, clubs, and students.
  • Work with a motivated group or club to sponsor the blood drive and take the lead.
  • Set your blood drive donor goals.
Plan the Date and Location
  • Check the calendar, plan ahead, and choose a date that does not conflict with major events such as holiday breaks, school-wide exams, or other special events within your school or community.
  • Find a suitable location.
Recruit Donors
  • Create teams of ambassadors to help recruit donors for
    the blood drive.
  • People who are not eligible to give blood can help with the drive in other ways.
  • Use all communication channels available to advertise the blood drive — email, social media, newspapers, bulletin boards, and morning announcements.


  • Help determine logistics of the blood drive including: location, hours, and type of blood drive most suitable for your school.
  • Help determine an appropriate blood drive goal and how many donors to expect.
  • Help provide ideas on how to recruit donors.
  • Promote the drive through social media, the website, and provide posters.
  • Bring equipment and supplies to your site, set up the blood drive, and tear down at the end.
  • Our medical team will confidentially screen donors and collect donations safely and professionally.
  • Supply snacks for the canteen.

For more information about sponsoring a Blood Drive, call 253-383-2553 or email

Please include your contact information, location, and preferred dates!

*Schools that host at least one blood drive with Cascade Regional Blood Services during the school year in which the scholarship is awarded.