Automated Blood Donation


What is automated donation?

Our automated donation machines collect specific blood components from whole blood and return the remaining components to the donor. As a result, donors can give more frequently than with whole blood donation. CRBS can also efficiently manage the community blood supply by only collecting the components and blood types needed. This helps us to meet the needs of our community hospitals and clinics without exhausting our donor pool.


Who benefits from automated donation?

Whole blood is not transfused to patients. When whole blood is collected, CRBS lab staff manually divides the blood into components. Each blood component is used for different purposes. Platelets help blood clot and are used in heart surgeries and cancer treatment. Plasma is used to treat burn victims and to help stop bleeding. Red blood cells are used to treat blood disorders like leukemia and are given to patients with severe blood loss.


Am I eligible for automated donation?

If you meet the criteria for donating whole blood and your platelet count is above a preset threshold, you are likely a good candidate for automated donation. Automated donation is performed at our Tacoma and Puyallup Donor Centers. Automated donors are also eligible more frequently to donate. Platelet donors can donate about every two weeks and plasma donors can donate every 28 days.

For more information about automated donation, please call our automated donations scheduler at 253-383-2553 or send us an email.